Who’s the 2017 Artist of the Year 3D Visual Art? Meet Ze Zoe Zhou – Orange County Register

Here’s the kind of generosity Ze Zoe Zhou embodies as an artist.

She’s outstanding at painting and drawing. The best at her school. But Zhou suggested that her art teacher at Crean Lutheran High, Anna Bloomfield, nominate her in 3D visual arts for this year’s Artist of the Year awards.

“She wanted to give other 2D students a chance in that area,” said Bloomfield. “It speaks highly to her character.”

Zhou has only recently been dabbling in 3D art. But her work demonstrates her all-around ability and earned her the top honor from the Register’s panel of 3D judges.

An interactive art project she undertook on her high school campus particularly wowed the panel.

Zhou installed a large wooden loom on the school grounds to serve as a frame for a canvas she created from thickly woven yarn. Then she invited her peers to attach colorful strings of yarn and other material wherever they wanted and in whatever shape to represent something of themselves.

It’s unusual enough to attempt an interactive piece on a high school campus, the judges said. But the work Zhou put into it really left an impression.

“She made the loom, which is pretty amazing,” said Alicia Archunde, 3D art teacher at Buena Park High.

Zhou is 19 and headed for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

An international student, Zhou plans to remain in the United States for a few…

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