West Hartford Police Chief Suspends Los Imperios’ Entertainment License For 15 Days

Los Imperios Restaurant & Lounge will not be allowed to play live music for the next 15 days after West Hartford Police Chief Tracey Gove decided to suspend the Farmington Avenue restaurant’s entertainment license.

Last Wednesday, members of the police department, Deputy Corporation Counsel Kimberly Boneham, the restaurant’s manager Ernesto Leon and its attorney Rodvald Jones met for a hearing on the possible suspension, detailing three specific incidents officers deemed as infractions to a relatively new entertainment ordinance.

In a three-page letter to Leon Monday, Gove said “nothing was presented at the hearing by either you or your attorney concerning any plans to prevent further disturbances inside or immediately outside of Los Imperios.”

During the 45-minute hearing, Jones said the Farmington Avenue restaurant should not be penalized and contested two alleged violations of the town’s entertainment ordinance – one on May 14 and another on May 26 – by saying the ordinance is not specific on how quickly Los Imperios’ staff should notify police about incidents, and how they should notify police about incidents. Jones said staff worked with police during their investigations and at the time of those fights, staff was too busy addressing the incidents at hand to have someone call the police.

Gove, in the letter, said Leon and Jones’ “attempt to characterize your staff’s conversation with the police, after the incident was reported by the victims, as satisfying the requirements of the ordinance is disingenuous at best, and falls far below the standard required” in the ordinance.

“It is my understanding that you believe that because the two fights had been reported by the victims to officers who were outside in the general vicinity of Los Imperios, those reports made the ‘immediate’ standard in [the town’s ordinance]. In addition, because your staff cooperated in assisting the officers with their investigations, that…

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