We Still Have to Be Twice As Good: 4 Racial Reality Checks from The Bachelorette’s Love Life

Of course race would come up with the first Black Bachelorette. Here are the reminders Rachel’s journey to love is serving up

After a two-week hiatus (Congrats Steph Curry and Golden State), The Bachelorette was back for two hours of drama on episode four as Rachel Lindsay looks for love with the most diverse cast ever.
As the show’s first Black Bachelorette it was only a matter of time before race, the elephant in the room, finally made it’s official appearance – and on Juneteenth no less. The reality is America was built on a racist foundation and the enslavement of Black bodies, which seeps into every sector of life in this country. While we hate Rachel can’t just focus fully on finding love, her season is giving viewers a needed refresher on racial dynamics in America (and thankfully she still finds her forever bae through it all!). Here’s what we gathered this week from Rachel and her cast of suitors.
#1 Yes, We Still Have to Be Twice as Good

Our girl Rachel did not hold back from acknowledging the weight of being a “first” for the African American community while the whole world is watching. “The pressures I feel about being a Black woman,” she says through tears. “You have no idea what it’s like to be in this position.” All of Twitter wanted to give Rachel a hug as she opened up her experiences breaking a new barrier. Whenever you break new ground, there is bound to be dust.

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