Vegetarian struggles – Vegan struggles

1. When pals want to share food at a restaurant, and you know that basically means everyone can have some of yours, but you’re getting nothing in return. We’ll just go hungry then, FFS.

2. They always want to split the bill, but your mushroom burger was half the price of their steak. So. Much. Anger.

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3. Your mates ALWAYS try to offer you a chicken nugget when you’re drunk, and while you do countless stupid out-of-character stuff when you’re pissed, eating meat is not one of them.


4. When they forget you’re vegetarian and invite your whole group around for spag bol. Plain pasta it is for me, then.

5. You’re sure they’re just waiting for you to turn around and order a steak. You can tell by the way they watch you reading that menu. It ain’t gonna happen pals.

6. They like to tell you how delicious meat is on a regular basis, and how much you’re missing out. Guys, we haven’t eaten it in so long, we can confirm we’re really not.


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7. When they introduce you to someone new and say pityingly, “she’s a vegetarian.” Our life choices are not a pity party ta very much, we’re proud to be herbivores.

8. They watched the documentary Cowspiracy on Netflix once, vowed to “join you” as a vegetarian – and then never did. We’re still waiting…

9. When they take you to a veggie restaurant but get annoyed when you take ages to decide. WE’RE NOT USED TO THIS MUCH CHOICE OK?!

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10. They tell you about this one veggie friend they had, and she became anaemic and “nearly died.” We smell BS.

11. When they use the phrase “you can’t have that” about non-veggie food and you’re like: “I can, I…

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