Universe Entertainment Ltd. Celebrates 30 Years of Success

At the 30th anniversary dinner of Universe Entertainment Ltd. in January, founder Daneil Lam expressed heartfelt gratitude toward his colleagues, comrades and industry friends for their support. The low-profile Lam rarely made public appearances, but when he showed up, he made sure that his presence would be meaningful to his audience, regardless who they were.

“I’m very grateful. Without your support, tonight could never happen,” he said. Rounds of applause came from not only his staff but also the Hong Kong industry heavyweights, including Albert Yeung, the boss of Emperor Entertainment Group, director Johnnie To, kung- fu star Sammo Hung and multiple award-winning actor Anthony Wong Chau-sang.

Lam’s thank-you speech might have been succinct, but he meant every word of it.

“Lam is a passionate producer, and the staff at Universe all look up to him,” says Alvin Lam, his brother and general manager of Universe.
“As the leader of a company with 30 successful years, his vision plays the key role. I think he has a good insight about the society and the film market, and that he gets to invest in the right projects that can truly connect with the audience.”

Lam is involved in marketing, corporate strategy, business planning, development and the overall management of the company.

From a humble film and video distributor to one of the game-changers in the Asian film industry, Universe Entertainment Ltd. has witnessed three decades of ups and downs in Hong Kong and Chinese cinema.

Looking ahead, setting the stage for Hong Kong filmmakers in mainland China and overseas markets will be the among the top priorities for the company, which is facing a much more globalized film industry than it did 30 years ago when it was founded.

“The growth of the China market will continue; not only will there be more young local talent emerging and bringing in new ideas, the cooperation between Chinese companies and filmmakers and their counterparts…

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