The following is the second in a four-installment summer column series covering my top 10 dining experiences for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch in New Orleans.

There are a few items to note: This list purely subjective. Everyone has varying tastes and preferences. This is not a ranking of overall quality from a critical/review standpoint. This is my personal list. These are my personal favorites. Everyone has personal connections to restaurants. These happen to be mine.

According to the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau, there are more than 1,400 restaurants operating in New Orleans today. That’s an impressive number for a city with a population of only 390,000. There are obviously hundreds of restaurants I have yet to visit, though there are dozens of others in each category that I have dined in, that didn’t make the list.

The primary guideline I followed while making this top 10 list was that I had to have visited the restaurant at least once in the past five months. Most restaurants that are listed involved three or more visits. It wasn’t a requirement, but after finishing the list, I noticed that all the places are casual, which is certainly no surprise to those who know me. I have never held a lot of love for formal lunches.

I keep a lot of food notes in my phone. Restaurants continually move up and down in the order of my personal rankings. Those listings are always a snapshot in time. There are no “musts” that are required to be on the RSJ lunch list. Ultimately, a top 10 lunch restaurant must be one that I would gladly visit again and again, and one that would be highly recommended to friends who might be visiting New Orleans.

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Again, this is my personal list, today. Galatoire’s — one of the most classic lunch spots in the country — is not on the list. That’s not because I don’t like…