Tips from EP Henry Hardscaping to Brighten up Your Landscape Like the Pros

Carefully placed outdoor lighting is both a functional and attractive accent to any outdoor space.

Gone are the days of the lone porch light. Coordinated outdoor lighting adds curb appeal and dramatic emphasis to a landscape, patio and pool deck. Lighting design doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these tips from EP Henry, manufacturer of outdoor Hardscaping pavers and walls to illuminate your patio, walkways or pool deck, like a Hollywood pro.

Know the rules

Check local laws and regulations. Legislation which allowed corporations to be legally viewed like people with rights has spawned a new movement to qualify Mother Nature in the same way. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, legislation was unanimously passed to protect nature’s right to exist free of fracking activity. Municipalities have long ruled against infringements upon a natural environment. In particular, light pollution is a recognized nuisance in many municipalities. Light pollution been shown to interrupt sleep and adversely affect vegetation. Make sure the brightness level of any outdoor light is within typical parameters. Put all non-emergency outdoor lights on a timer. Be aware of brightness and tonal shades of outdoor lighting. Some municipalities may guide owners to cool or warm tones in an effort to distinguish home lighting from street or emergency lights. The brightness level and hours of operation for certain spotlights may also be regulated. Check for any restrictions before you buy or install any outdoor lighting.

Emphasize architectural elements

A home’s front entrance is the typical area to emphasize. Bring attention to the entrance and large landscape elements. A shielded spotlight pointing up through a tree’s branches adds depth and interest. Shrubs and…

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