Things To Keep In Mind When It Comes To Surviving Marital Infidelity

Will your spouse’s cheating destroy the relationship? At present only you can answer that question. The reason that it is up to you to make the final decision is due to the fact your spouse has given every indication that they want to remain in the relationship. They’ve done wrong and know it. They promise to do whatever is necessary to restore the marriage.

Regardless of whether you remain with them or not is your call but even with that decision in the balance there are a few things to bear in mind.

1. Do Not Freak Out

Thinking about the future can be unnerving. Especially if you have been in a marital relationship for quite a while and then decide to go it alone. Do not let fear influence whether you should stay or go. You are connected to your spouse in many ways but that does not mean complete and utter dependence. If you choose to go it alone so be it. You may be a little shaky in the beginning but eventually you will learn how to be self sufficient. Better to have a short lived rough learning experience that remain with someone that you feel that you can never trust again.

2. Do Not Retreat

In the event you do decide to hang in there then set some parameters in regards to how things are going to be from now on and stick to them. Do not let the fact that your spouse may get an attitude over these guidelines intimidate you. It is up to them to make dramatic lifestyle changes in order to prove you can trust them again. There are going to be times when their effort is not what it should be. There could also be instances when they try to manipulate you and thereby taking control or the realtionship. No matter what they try it is critical that you do not back down.

3. Be Realistic

Getting over your spouse’s infidelity is not going to happen overnight so don’t let impatience get the better of you. Of course you want the negative images and depressing thoughts to go away. You also want the fear that comes up every time your mate is out of sight to disappear. They will…

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