‘There isn’t any parenting going on,’ robbery victim laments | Law and order

ST. LOUIS • Mark Zschiegner had just picked up his fiance from work and was parking their car on Nebraska Avenue in St. Louis when another vehicle pulled up.

“My first thought was, uh-oh, this doesn’t look right,” he recalled.

It was Sunday, 2 a.m., right outside his house in the Fox Park neighborhood.

Three boys or young men came out of the car with guns. One of them told him, “Yeah, this is going to happen,” and hit him in the head with a gun.

He put his hands up and said they could have the keys. As soon as he put his hands in his pocket, one of the men hit him in the face.

Then all of them started hitting him. He thought it was unnecessary — he was complying and they were still attacking.

“Three cowards with guns,” said Zschiegner, 51.

Before taking off, one of the attackers ripped the purse away from his fiance, Elaine Coder, and reached into his pocket and stole his wallet. It had a night’s worth of tips from Coder’s bartending shift. They also got his house keys.

A neighbor’s surveillance captures the entire attack, about 15 seconds. He said while he stood with police, he heard officers talking about other robberies the group had pulled off that night.

Zschiegner said his $900 prescription glasses were shattered, and he suffered a black eye. He had to spend the day getting a new drivers license and has to have a locksmith change his locks. And he’s traumatized.

Officers told him the attackers appeared to be 14 to 17 years old. He said he thought they were “bored kids in the summertime running around and having fun.” Not that it was any fun for him. He doesn’t think they followed him home, but assumes he was chosen at random when the attackers saw a car parking on the block on which they were driving.

“There isn’t any parenting going on,” he said.

The couple set up a GoFundMe page to help…

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