The Electrical Mnd

The Electrical Mind

The electrical mind is having a tremendous power.

Always there is current inside our mental ocean.

The underlying current should be fructifired in our thoughts,words and deeds.

Accuiring a greater degree of electrical energy we can achieve anything and everything.


We are the children of the divine.

We have all the powers and the potency as that of the divine.

Having an electrical mind we can accuire all those potency and powers.

Life is short and the electrical mind is required to achieve many things.


The electrical mind will remove all the sadness and the despairs from within us.

We will be energetic and vivified to do anything at anytime.

In every front of life we can master all the situations.

We can serve well our family and organization.


We should dive deep in to the mental ocean.

Feeling the underlying current within we should electrify our mind.

In return we will find all our tresures.

We can fulfill all our dreams and hopes and live successfully.


The mind alwayas craves to be dynamic and there by achieve all things we want.

Being swayed by the superficial waves we become unable to energize our mind.

We should go deep and experience the divine current within ourselves.

That current will help us and show us proper direction.


Our hopes and dreams are many and we have to fulfill them within a short period.

Having well defined mental electricity we can work with endeavor and zeal.

Most of our dreams will be fufilled strengthening our will.

Having a strong will power we will march forwrad.


Learning from the lectrical current we should develop the same powers within ourselves.

Those powers are already lying deep within and we should fructify those.

Having electrical powers all the time we can work and serve well.

We can instill confidence among our family members and others.


By persistent and consistent effort we should try to have an electrical mind.

Then no work will seem difficult for us.

We can do all the works…

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