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Carey Link members work in the group’s community garden, located on grounds provided by the owners of Greenbriar Catering & Florist on West North Street. The group also sponsors a farmers’ market in the village from 4-7 p.m. Wednesdays during the summer. As an organization, Carey Link was founded about five years ago with the intention of providing a sustainable community of like-minded residents. (Photo provided by Carey Link)

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CAREY — Whether it’s fixing a bicycle, organizing the weekly farmers’ market or hosting a talk about Henry David Thoreau, it’s all part of how the Link is trying to build a stronger, more resilient Carey.
“It’s a community center, but more,” said Nancy Kessler, who serves as treasurer for the group.
Sustainability issues and education are also part of the Link’s mission, added Kessler’s husband, Dean.
“I think in this day and age you can sit and wring your hands about the state of the world, the state of the United States or whatever. Or I think you can step back and you can say, ‘I’ll try to do just my little part. I’ll just take care of my little area here and see what I can do in Carey,’” he said.
That’s where the Link comes in.
Ted Reinhart is the group’s founder and visionary.
“Ted has always been very interested in the environment, in the community, in all of those things, especially as they relate locally,” said Nancy.
Reinhart became interested in these kind of issues as a student at the University of Toledo.
“I was involved with a couple of different activist groups while I lived up in Toledo,” he said. “I came back and I felt like there were so many things we could be doing something about, issues in our world around us that people aren’t aware of a lot of times.”
About five years ago, the Carey man started showing monthly documentaries in his home for those who were interested.
“There were a group of us that attended those documentaries ranging from…

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