The ATSNJ, Inc. Recognizes Monmouth University Athletic Training Staff for Saving the Life of a Student-Athlete at Awards Banquet

Monmouth University Sports Medicine staff threw out the first pitch at the last home game in honor of saving a players life..

Having an emergency action plan in place is paramount in ensuring that the best possible care is provided in an emergency,” said Christina Emrich, President of the ATSNJ.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 is a night that the athletic training staff of Monmouth University and the almost 500 Monmouth University student-athletes, coaches, staff and administration who attended the annual Monmouth University Student-Athlete Awards Banquet will not soon forget. At approximately 7:30 PM, a student-athlete member of the baseball program was in distress. Luckily for that student-athlete, the sports medicine staff from the school which includes Nate Miker, Siobhan Huggins-Sullivan, Aaron Bottinick, Chuck Whedon, Vanessa Sweeney and Simon Rosenblum were in attendance.

The group of athletic trainers were alerted when other student athletes noticed a fellow athlete was having a medical emergency. Initially those around him thought the individual was choking, but as Mr. Miker approached, it was clear that he was having a grand mal seizure and was unresponsive. As Vanessa, Siobhan, Aaron and Chuck approached the table, the determination was made to move him from the chair to the floor. It was at this point that Nate began his assessment and determined that there was no pulse and Chuck noted the lack of respirations. As the team seamlessly worked together to provide care, Siobhan took charge and initiated compressions while Chuck followed with breaths and Nate monitored blood flow and pulse. It was also at this time that Simon was coordinating EMS activation and instructing on crowd control. After three cycles…

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