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Robert Draper wrote about President Trump’s first defeat on Capitol Hill and his new attempts to draw lawmakers to his side.

An enlightening and scary account of internal dynamics regarding power and ideology. This makes Trump look like a leaky vessel for the crackpot ideas of Stephen Bannon, Paul Ryan and others — ideas that have nothing to do with the public good but rather with advancing poorly informed, twisted and juvenile philosophies about power. These people sound like a private club of uneducated, inexperienced tycoons who will drink their whiskey, smoke their cigars, pat one another on the back for being important and try to enact bad laws that will harm tens of millions of citizens.

The United States may be an experiment in democracy, but it is not the lab of mad scientists who want to stitch together the corpses of failed political and economic philosophies of the past. These men should have stayed entangled in their lunatic fringe, but their money, audiences and recycled bad ideas gave them the power and opportunity to do immense harm while not suffering any real consequences themselves. Suzanne Burke, Savannah, Ga.


Illustration by Giacomo Gambineri

What was astonishing in this article was the flattering tone and language used to describe the activities of Trump and his associates.

The article is making it appear that Bannon and Ryan are motivated by anything but plain greed for power. These men do not have any moral, ethical or intellectual motivations. Their sole motivation is to make themselves and people who they think are like them richer…

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