When I launched my first campaign for governor of Texas four years ago, I laid out a vision for building a better future for our state. I promised to protect our freedoms and elevate Texas to new heights by cutting taxes, improving education, and taking action to secure our border.

I am proud to say we delivered on these promises and so much more.

Since I took office, we cut taxes by nearly $4 billion dollars, and more than 450,000 new jobs have been created.

Texas now has the third highest high school graduation rate in America, and more public high schools are ranked in the top 100 than any other state.

I signed the toughest border security law of any state to fight the drug cartels and human traffickers importing crime into Texas. And we banned sanctuary cities in Texas.

Together, we have put Texas on a path to prosperity, but we have more work to do. We must fight to preserve the Texas brand of liberty and keep Texas the most exceptional state in America.

That is why I am running for re-election as governor of the great state of Texas.

I am running to rein in skyrocketing property taxes. I have heard from seniors across the state who say they are being taxed out of their homes. That is unacceptable. I want to cut your property taxes and prevent the government from raising them without approval from taxpayers.

To build a better Texas we must continue to improve our schools. To recruit and retain the best and brightest teachers in our classrooms, we should give our underpaid teachers a well-deserved pay raise and create a pathway for the very best teachers to earn the most in the nation.

And to further improve education we must recognize that not all students are the same. A one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work. We must empower parents to choose the school that best fits their child’s needs.

I’m running to make sure…