Teenager left mortified after her football-mad boyfriend pranks her while applying her fake tan

‘I’ll never ask him again’

Tom Milne decided to pay a bizarre tribute to his football idol Alan Shearer while helping girlfriend Jessica with her fake tan

THE BACK is always one of those hard to reach areas when applying fake tan.

So having somebody there to help you blend in the product so you get the perfect bronzed back is always handy.


Teenager Jessica Dear’s back after her boyfriend Tom Milne played a prank on her while helping her apply fake tan to her back

But one teenager was left mortified after her football-mad boyfriend decided to get creative and play a massive prank on her when she asked him to help her tan.

Student Jessica Dear from Gateshead had been applying the tan but realised she couldn’t reach around to bronze her back.

The 19-year-old decided to ask her boyfriend Tom Milne if he would help and straight away he started lashing the product on her body.


Jessica now admits it’s the last time she’ll ask Tom for help with her tan after he pulled the stunt

But little did she know that Newcastle United fan Tom decided it was the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to his football idol and Toon legend Alan Shearer.

And when he finished, she discovered he had wrote the ex-Newcastle and England striker’s name on her back along with his number 9 shirt number.

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