Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock went to the White House for dinner. Elizabeth Keatinge has more.

DETROIT — The menu featured lobster salad and lamb chops. The conversation ranged from “rock ‘n’ roll and hunting” to “military strength and Supreme Court justices.” And everybody at the table was certainly on board with the politics.

That’s how Ted Nugent tells the tale of his night with Kid Rock as personal guests of President Trump. The world awoke Thursday morning to learn the president had spent his evening with the Detroit-bred rockers, two outspoken Trump supporters who were invitees of fellow dinner guest Sarah Palin.

What they had expected to be an hour or two at the White House stretched into a freewheeling four-hour hang session, as the president gave them a detailed tour and sat down for a chatty dinner. Nugent’s wife, Shemane Nugent, and Rock’s fiancée, Audrey Berry, were among dinner guests who included White House spokesman Sean Spicer and policy adviser Stephen Miller.

“It was like I was hanging out with a bunch of my rock ’n’ roll buddies or at a hunting camp,” Nugent told the Detroit Free Press.

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Images from the scene, including a photo of Nugent and Rock sardonically posing with Hillary Clinton’s official portrait, quickly went viral among fans. Some were altered into mocking memes by those not so keen on the president or the gun-loving Nugent and Rock.

Conversation with Trump was wide-ranging, Nugent said — “rock ’n’ roll and hunting and guns and venison and energy and borders and military strength and Supreme Court justices and…