Tech Q&A: Testing firewalls, renting rooms, editing software and more

Test your firewall

Q: I test my home smoke alarm to make sure it’s working. How do I know if my computer’s firewall is really blocking hackers?

A: For experts in cybersecurity, testing the digital safety of a home or business is a very lucrative trade. So how do you check for weaknesses in your firewall without hiring a service to break into your computer? You will be relieved to know that this test can be done at home for free. The steps can look imposing, but if you do them correctly, you can rest assured that your data and network are safe. Click here to test your firewall for vulnerabilities.

Keep track of car recalls

Q: I keep hearing about various car recalls. Is there a central place online that I can search to see if my car and the kids’ cars are on the recall list?

A: There has been a steady stream of recalls recently, and if that important headline got lost in a tsunami of media, you’re likely driving your vehicle without addressing its dangers. So what happens if you are supposed to return your car, but you didn’t get the memo? Well, now you can check to make sure, thanks to a potentially lifesaving website. Click here to find out if your car has been recalled.

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Rent rooms for cash

Q: I hear…

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