Survivorman Les Stroud Launches SMTV Network Online


Stroud has always had a profound connection to his legion of passionate fans, and his desire to cut out the corporate middleman and speak directly to his audience is a huge motivation behind his decision to launch SMTV.

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He’s braved the Arctic Circle and the deepest recesses of the Amazon. He’s made it through cold nights in the Rockies and on the remote mountains of Norway. He’s sweated it out in the Kalahari desert and the steaming miasmal swamps of the Amazon Jungle. He’s a guerrilla documentarian of the gutsiest kind. A modern-day, eco-friendly, deep-woods Houdini – albeit one who is eager to share his secrets and teach audiences about the skills required to survive in the Earth’s harshest environments. Now the indestructible Les Stroud – known to millions upon millions of viewers, fans, and exploration enthusiasts as Survivorman – is about to embark upon another adventure. This Wednesday (March 15) he’ll be launching his own network: one that’ll offer content as uncompromising, and resourceful, and darkly humorous, and downright entertaining, as Stroud himself.


Welcome to SMTV: an online network for all things related to Stroud, including his films, his music, his engagement with Planet Earth and its fearsome ecology, and his educational projects, too.  Now he’s applying the same persistence and resourcefulness that built an international brand to an independent network designed to be a pure expression of the Survivorman ethos and aesthetic. This is thrilling, compelling, irresistible programming for anybody with a taste for adventure. will open with six distinct channels of related content with more in the works for the future. The…

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