In the technologically advanced world we live in today, there is no such thing as guaranteed privacy anymore. If you expect that your texts or emails are private, only between sender and receiver, you are fooling yourself.

Use of cellphones, iPads, laptops, personal computers and other devices, especially when owned by your employer, can be monitored by your company. Most large companies have policies governing the use of business-owned devices while on the job for personal use. Often any personal use is prohibited or at the least limited. Networks exist, IT departments manage all electronic equipment and recipients often share emails and texts received with others.

Think about this before pressing “Send”.

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Sending photographs, videos, jokes, cartoons, quotes and more of an explicit nature should not happen. It’s pretty simple. Just don’t do it.

Why do people who have average or above average intelligence do these things? Obviously, they are not thinking. This group of offenders includes teachers, coaches, administrators, executives, politicians, government officials, elected officials, physicians, attorneys and employees in all types of positions, both high, low and in between. No group has been exempt from having people fall into this reckless behavior. It is irresponsible, illicit, degrading, selfish, offensive, disrespectful, annoying and on and on.

But it is always stupid.

The results can get you put on probation, suspended or fired. You can jeopardize your marriage, lose friends and alienate co-workers. Think before you act. Remember that email is forever and that it can be forwarded to others you may not intend to see it. Keep in mind you have no right of privacy. Before sending, ask yourself if you would like the…