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Mozilla is prepping a new version of Firefox in an effort to rally in the race for browser supremacy, which currently has Chrome way out in front. The next version of Mozilla’s browser — Firefox 57 for those scoring at home — promises fast speeds and a new look. It’s due out in November, but you can take Firefox 57 for a test drive today.

Spend a day with Firefox Nightly

Mozilla offers three prerelease versions of Firefox: Beta, Developer Edition and Nightly. Nightly offers the farthest look into the future and offers a glimpse at the upcoming Firefox 57. You can download Firefox Nightly here.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Fire the Photon

Mozilla is making Firefox faster with Project Quantum. While speed gains are certainly appreciated, the first thing you’ll notice when you fire up Firefox 57 is its new UI, which Mozilla is calling Photon. Firefox 57 looks flatter and more streamlined than the current version. It has a dark title at the top with — gasp! — not curved but rectangular tabs. Inside the URL bar, you’ll find three new buttons along with a new screenshot button to the right of the URL bar. And the new-tab page has a new look. 

Let’s take a look at these new UI elements:

New buttons in the URL bar

To the right of the down-arrow button that shows the history of your current tab, you’ll find three buttons have been added to Firefox’s URL bar: a triple-dot Page Actions button, a star button to bookmark the current page and a Pocket button to save a page for later reading. (It should be noted that Firefox bought Pocket earlier this year.) A book icon will show up when reading mode is available.

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