Ricky Lane leading Georgia Academy of General Dentistry

               Statesboro dentist Dr. Ricky Lane, DDS, MAGD, named president of the Georgia Academy of General Dentistry and has led the association since January.
        When Dr. Lane was inducted as president at the statewide association meeting, he spoke of the importance of continued education.
        “The key to our profession lies in our knowledge. This is why I became a Georgia Academy member,” he said. “My journey with this association began right out of dental school and the Mastertrack program alone has proven invaluable to me – it is where I really began to see the benefits of organized dentistry and the importance of getting involved.”
        The Georgia Academy’s Mastertrack program is among the best in the nation and requires dentists to complete 1,100 hours of hands-on study in 16 dental disciplines. Renowned dentists from around the world teach the classes.
        Dr. Lane has practiced dentistry in Statesboro since 1992. A native of Swainsboro, Lane said he decided to become a dentist when he was in the ninth grade.
        “After practicing for 23 years to this date, I have not regretted that decision,” he said. “I began my career with few possessions and significant student debt, but I worked hard and I have found a home in organized dentistry. In essence, we as dentists fix problems and I have always found great fulfillment in caring for and helping heal my patient’s dental problems.”
        As members of Georgia Academy of General Dentistry, dentists are encouraged to volunteer, both for the association and in their home communities. Dr. Lane has been a long-time volunteer for the Ogeechee Fair ministry in which local dentists provide free care to carnival employees.
        “Dr. Lane was one of the first dentists who volunteered with us when Dr. Bill Perry and I began this ministry in 2001,” said First Baptist Church Rev.Ricky Allen….

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