Reveal Mobile Awarded Patent for Locating Mobile Devices and Building Profile Databases Using Beacon Proximity Activity

Reveal Mobile, a leading innovator in monetizing location-based audience data, announced it has been issued a U.S. patent for a groundbreaking technology that determines the specific location of a mobile device via beacon proximity activity while also predicting where the device is likely to appear next.

Predictive Analytics Utilizing Proximity Determination” (U.S. Patent No.: 15/059,058) covers the invention of a method and system to refine and report the specific location of a beacon (e.g. name of the establishment such as a restaurant or retail store) and identity of the mobile device at the time of activation.

With a highly accurate physical location for each mobile device, relevant mobile advertising can then be delivered to specific mobile devices within proximity of a beacon at that time or in the future for retargeting purposes. Reveal Mobile’s technology can also provide highly accurate feedback on ads and information delivered as a result of proximity to a particular beacon by tracking click through data from all mobile devices in range of the beacon.