Rep. McMorris Rodgers, we beg to disagree: Those with pre-existing conditions will suffer

An independent analysis reveals that the American Health Care Act would leave behind “as many as 15 million people with pre-existing conditions.”

IN a recent Washington Post Op-Ed [“My son has a pre-existing condition. He’s one of the reasons I voted for the AHCA,” May 4] U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Spokane, wrote that the Affordable Care Act was a disaster, failing and “wrong for America.” In contrast, the recently passed American Health Care Act, McMorris Rodgers stated, would provide coverage for her son, who has Down syndrome. The AHCA, McMorris Rodgers wrote, maintains the “safety nets and protections” for the “most vulnerable in our communities.”

Millions of Americans with disabilities, and their families and friends, do not share McMorris Rodgers’ confidence in the AHCA. Consider the differences in how the existing Affordable Care Act and the AHCA deal with pre-existing conditions:

• The ACA is simple: Insurance companies can’t deny coverage or charge more for pre-existing conditions. The ACA requires everyone have insurance, but provides subsidies for those who can’t afford it.

• In contrast, the AHCA allows states to “innovate” with “waivers” that would allow insurance companies to deny or charge more for coverage for pre-existing conditions. Young, healthy people pay less, while people with pre-existing conditions won’t find affordable — or any — insurance. The AHCA would lump these people in “high-risk pools.” They would face high premiums and less coverage.

Like many House Republicans, McMorris Rodgers promises that the AHCA will “provide federal resources for…

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