Pop Reggae Music Artist Gia Yee Releases Self-Titled Solo EP, and Three New Music Videos

Pop Reggae Music Artist Gia Yee Releases Self-Titled Solo EP, and Three New Music Videos

Gia Yee says, “My hope is that my music may be widely received, crossing over into many music genres, and resonating with its listeners in a meaningful, healing, thought provoking and empowering way.”

Gia Yee’s newly released self-titled EP tracks and smooth reggae fusion artist stylings, have been getting a lot of attention, airplay, and enthusiastic reviews. The EP contains multiple exciting new tracks, including “NO EMOJI”, “KARMA”, and “QUE SERA”, along with earlier single releases “ONE HEART”, and “QUENCH THE FEAR”. In addition to theses 5 reggae rooted tracks, an easy listening remix version of Quench the Fear, entitled “QUENCH YOUR FEARS” was added as a bonus, in hopeful anticipation of its inclusion in an upcoming soundtrack.

The EP’s fresh and original pop-reggae style is apparent from the tracks “NO EMOJI” and “QUE SERA”, which has a soft, funky sound complimenting Gia Yee’s evocative lyrics and soothing vocals. The soulful vibe continues with the hip-hop infused beat of “KARMA”, as the EP transitions into classic reggae rhythms with “ONE HEART” and “QUENCH THE FEAR”, winding down with the remix version “QUENCH YOUR FEARS”, who’s track’s encouraging message is meant to inspire hope and faith.

Gia Yee confesses, “Music saved me from the wake of many challenges, by giving me a voice and an outlet with which to express myself. Music is a very important part of my life, and I feel honored and very blessed to be able to share my music with people from all walks of life and from many parts of our world.”

To go along with her new EP release, Gia Yee has shot three music videos and produced a pictorial lyric video. All shot on…

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