Polaroid Enters License Agreement with Uware Brands

Licensed Polaroid “My Selfie” t-shirt from Uware Brands

Uware Brands has entered into a licensing agreement with Polaroid for a line of Polaroid branded apparel in the United States and Canada.

“The addition of Polaroid to our growing portfolio of licensors is a great way to recognize Polaroid’s 80th anniversary,” said David Harkins, VP, Marketing for Uware. “We are excited about working with Polaroid, and feel that Uware offers a unique approach to the brand that will resonate with our fans and followers.

The first Polaroid licensed products from Uware Brands include unique graphic tees like the “Be Original” shirt, the “My Selfie” shirt, and the “Picture Yourself” shirt. The tees in the line feature bold and clever designs that incorporate the iconic Polaroid Classic Border Logo and legacy Polaroid cameras.

Polaroid branded t-shirts are now available online Uware Brand’s consumer store http://www.uwaretees.com as well as at select retail locations.

About Uware Brands

Uware Brands is a leading provider of licensed and private label apparel. The company has a long history of developing and marketing successful printed apparel merchandising programs for the wholesale and retail markets. Uware Brands works with many of America’s leading brands, offering innovative designs in partnership with iconic brands such as NRA, RUGER, CHRIS KYLE FROG FOUNDATION, SOUTHERN LIVING, and others. The company’s licensed and private label products can be found online, in major sporting goods retailers, department stores, in local retail stores and online at uwaretees.com. For more information about Uware Brands and its products, please visit uwarebrands.com.

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