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With three years in business and as many locations behind them, a duo of Baylor University graduates will open a coffee shop Tuesday with plans to offer more than specialty drinks.

Dylan Washington and John David Beard hope their new Pinewood Coffee Bar at 2223 Austin Ave. will serve as a community hub and live music venue for the neighborhood as they offer up coffee roasted on-site, pastries in the morning and farm-to-table options for lunch.

After starting in a garage, Washington and Beard moved their roasting operation to rented space in downtown McGregor in 2015 with the goal of selling coffee online and in local shops. A year later, they opened a coffee bar in the Alpha Omega restaurant in downtown Waco as they continued roasting in McGregor.

After leaving the restaurant in the spring and a public hiatus for the summer, they now have eight employees and a new venue to themselves. The location is fit with space for their roaster, a coffee bar, lunch service and an outside patio to host monthly live music events.

The venture started out of a love for the coffee industry and a strong desire to be part of that world, said Beard, who has a management degree from Baylor. At every step since they moved out of the garage, there has been a lingering question of “Now what?” Beard said.

“Up until now, it’s just been arriving here,” Washington said.

The shop takes up 1,800 square feet in a 3,000-square-foot space next to the offices of Rydell Real Estate, which owns the building.

Natural light pours through large windows and across the room into custom booths handmade by Waco’s E2 Creative while music from a hi-fi record player fill the air.

“Our colors are a natural, an eggshell and brown, just really clean and warm and inviting and happy — all the things I love,” Washington said.

Seating surrounds the room,…

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