Pet Show Offers Lessons for Exhibitors

Amazing Pet Expos

Amazing Pet Expos produces events for the pet industry, but any event that a business exhibits in requires planning and organization. After producing 114 events since 2009, here are some tips for having a terrific event experience.

Pre-Expo Planning

  • Tell your clients & potential clients. Ask them to come and support and/or meet you. Do this via email or snail mail.
  • If you have a website, put a banner on your home page with a link to the Pet Expo site. If you don’t know how to do that contact the Expo webmaster.
  • Do you have connections to local publications that might give you some press? It is a great opportunity to get a story published about your business and promote the Pet Expo at the same time.

Planning Your Booth

  • Be clear on your intention for participating. What image do you want to project and what do you want the focal point to be?
  • Grab the attention of attendees; there are 100+ exhibitors at this event, you need to find your niche of how to stand out amongst the crowd. Giveaways, drawings, raffles, freebies, interaction with pets and children are all ideas that will draw the public into your booth.

Your space should reflect who you are and how you do business. If your space looks thrown together and you are giving out poorly copied materials…this sends a message…

Get creative, have banners and colorful displays that will make your space inviting.

Plan in advance what materials you want to give away during the Expo. You may want to save your glossy, full color marketing materials to give to those people you know are interested in your product or service and have your black and white copies available for everyone.

Decide how to capture leads. Give attendees an opportunity to sign up for…

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