Patient claims I.F. doctors mistakenly removed kidney instead of cancerous tumor

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IDAHO FALLS — Last year, Roland N. Smith was supposed to leave a local hospital without a life-threatening softball-sized tumor near his kidney.

But that’s not what happened. Instead, doctors mistakenly removed a healthy vital organ, according to a lawsuit recently filed in Bonneville County.

Smith, 83, and his attorneys have filed a civil malpractice lawsuit against several local doctors and a hospital alleging they removed his healthy left kidney during a surgery that was intended to remove a tumor attached to Smith’s right kidney.

The alleged malpractice happened in Idaho Falls on Aug. 23. The suit was filed last month.

Dr. David J. Chamberlain

Dr. Roger H. Tall

The civil complaint, obtained by, alleges Drs. Roger H. Tall and David J. Chamberlain, along with a surgical team from Mountain View Hospital, mistakenly removed Smith’s left kidney. The complaint also alleges that, at times, Tall and Chamberlain filed false reports saying they reviewed the appropriate documents before surgery. acknowledges a lawsuit does not indicate wrongdoing or proof of malpractice. We have reached out to all parties involved in the lawsuit. They either declined to comment, were unavailable or did not return messages.


On the morning of Aug. 23, a group of health care providers gathered in an operating room at Mountain View Hospital to perform a “straight-forward and non-emergency, yet life-saving, surgical procedure” on Smith, according to the civil complaint.

Smith’s right kidney had a softball-sized cancerous tumor, which was diagnosed by two radiologists and his primary care nurse practitioner. According to the civil complaint, all three diagnoses “clearly and unequivocally stated the tumor was on Smith’s right kidney”.

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