Overwatch’s Timeline: All Shorts, Origin Stories and Comics in Chronological Order

Overwatch‘s lore can be confusing and rather overwhelming, especially as a newcomer. This is in large part due to the way that Blizzard has released comics, shorts, and origin stories on a variety of media over time. Fortunately, the hints that Blizzard’s put into each comic allows them to be consumed in an order that makes sense for those trying to follow the story chronologically, so you’ll be privy to all the little lore details every time a new piece of the story is released.

Note that nothing of the Omnic Crisis itself has been shown, which took place from 2041 through 2051 in Overwatch’s universe. Just know that these are “the good ole days,” as Commander Morrison said in the Soldier 76 Origin Story. Here’s the list as curated by Redditor /u/ToonCoyote.

Post-Omnic Crisis (2051-2071)

  1. Junkenstein (comic)
  2. The Last Bastion (animated short)
  3. A Better World (comic)
  4. Uprising (comic)
  5. King’s Row Uprising Origin Story 
  6. Legacy (comic)

Disbandment of Overwatch (2071-2076)

  1. Soldier: 76 Origin Story
  2. Ana Origin Story
  3. Destroyer (comic)
  4. Trainhopper, McCree (comic)
  5. Mission Statement (comic)
  6. Going Legit (comic)
  7. The Junkers Special Report (Junkrat/Roadhog Origin Story)
  8. Dragon Slayer (comic)
  9. Old Soldiers (comic)
  10. Hero (animated short)

Post-Recall (2076-2077)

  1. Are You With Us? (animated short)
  2. Recall (animated short)
  3. Alive (animated short)
  4. Numbani Museum (Overwatch debut trailer)
  5. Dragons (animated short)
  6. Sombra Origin Story
  7. Infiltration (animated short)
  8. Reflections (Holiday 2016 comic)
  9. Binary (comic)
  10. Orisa Origin Story 

Now you should be up to speed for whatever comes next in the Overwatch universe – be it Doomfist’s reign of terror, or something else. 

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