One-stop online investing offers personalised choice in mutual funds

The firm expects that by the end of this year, people will have invested more than Bt1-billion in mutual funds via its website. 

Sakunphat Jirawuthitanant, executive director of Treasurist, said that the firm has joined hands with Philip Securities (Thailand) to provide a tailor-made recommended investment portfolio through the website. The service will provide a recommendation to support investors seeking a long-term plan via mutual funds.

It now provides over 20 mutual fund recommendation services via its web site. 

Sakunphat said that the mutual fund market size has grown more than 100 per cent and the trend is for yearly increases to continue.

In Thailand, deposits in all commercial banks are valued at Bt12.62-trillion. Total investment in all mutual funds is Bt4.74-trillion or 38 per cent of all deposit in the nation’s commercial banks. That means there is high potential growth for mutual funds investment, said Sakunphat

“I think that it is ‘blue ocean’ for mutual funds investment. Thai investors who want to investment for the long term have alternate choices to their deposit accounts. They could will transfer their money to investment in terms of mutual funds via a portfolio recommendation system.”

The firm personalises their recommendations, he noted. Their recommended options come only “after they answer the question about their ability to take risk and willingness to generate the mutual funds.”

The investment mix will then be apportioned according to meet the risk level that clients are comfortable with. “The website will suggest the proper mutual funds for each investor, to support investors who want to invest for long-term benefits and a long-term investment plan, as well as a retirement plan,” said Sakunphat.

He added that the firm uses advanced…

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