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The Northern Lakes Amateur Radio Club will be holding their annual Field Day Event out at the Forest History Center at Grand Rapids on June 24-25. Field Day is one the most popular on-the-air events in the amateur radio community. Amateur radio operators will be setting up portable amateur radio stations including towers, antennas and emergency power, to communicate with other amateur radio stations across the country and world. These conditions are very similar to what one would find in a natural disaster. The American Radio Relay League Field Day event simulates emergency conditions that amateur radio operators would find when they respond to an actual emergency.

Field Day for the Northern Lakes Amateur Radio Club (NLARC) is an opportunity to practice its emergency response. The setting up of portable stations and operating off the “Grid” is what sets amateur radio apart from other communication systems. With amateur radio, you don’t need a cell phone, which have failed during emergencies, or the internet, which relies on a network, to communicate. Amateur radio operates independently of all the established communications systems. Field Day is an event that amateur radio operators use as an opportunity to demonstrate their capability to communicate directly to all parts of the United States and world. The Northern Lakes Amateur Radio Club will be demonstrating those skills at the Field Day event held at the Forest History Center.

One way to describe the event is to compare it to a picnic, with a camp out provision. It is like a 24 hour “Marathon” but making radio contacts instead! Include practice communications in an emergency, setting up towers, antennas and stations in difficult situations, and then making contact with other hams from across the country and that is what Field Day is about.

The ham bands will be crowded…

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