No warm glow from Cold War chills: Doug McIntyre

The Cold War is back!

Nuclear saber-rattling! Countdown clocks and bomb shelters! Duck and cover drills and air raid warnings! North Korea’s Lil’ Kim has put the “boom” back in baby boom.

As in ka-boom.

While you Gen-Xers and millennials hand-wring and stroke your emotional support animals, my crowd, the baby boomers, are reliving one of the most exciting chapters of our lives, the threat of instantaneous thermonuclear annihilation!

Remember those trips to the fallout shelter? Those were the days.

As the most nostalgia-obsessed generation in history, all this talk of nuclear war isn’t scary to boomers; it’s a stroll down memory lane. Suddenly, crazy, incomprehensible, 2017 is 1962 all over again.

Ask any boomer and he’ll tell you we had the best bands, the best TV shows, bikes with banana seats and full-contact dodgeball. Sure, at any given moment communist ICBMs could rain down on our heads and turn our world into a puddle of glowing molten debris, but what about Woodstock, “Lost in Space,” and bell-bottom jeans?

The Kim du jour currently running North Korea has alternately threatened to blow up Guam, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Chicago and Sony Pictures. While that sends you Snowflakes scampering to your safe spaces, those of us born between 1946 and 1964 simply smirk while thinking, “Been there, done that.”

It’s all fun and games until we lose Guam.

Guam! A tiny dot on the map in the Pacific is suddenly ground zero for Armageddon. The folks on Guam have to be wondering, how did we get dragged into this? And that’s a good question. How did any of us get dragged into this?

The Kim clan of North Korea has been stirring the pot with America for nearly 70 years. Kim Il Sung took over North Korea in the aftermath of World War II and started a catastrophic war of “unification” in 1950 that cost 33,000 Americans their lives with millions, yes millions, more Korean and Chinese…

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