New web-based Google Earth format for hunt scouting

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New web-based Google Earth format for hunt scouting

On April 18, Google Earth unveiled a new tool that I’m quickly falling in love with. I’m always intrigued with new mapping products and have been playing around on this new setup the past few evenings. This new product is a web based version of their Google Earth Pro application. Currently it’s only available on Chrome and downloadable on Android. You can check it out here.

Satellite imagery is getting better and better all the time. I’m blown away at the details you can see in this new version. In the image below you can clearly see each individual tree, snag, rocks and different vegetation dynamics, etc. This view is essentially a 3D representation of the terrain. Note: the 3D imagery isn’t available everywhere at this time.

This screenshot doesn’t do this image justice. It’s so much better when I was viewing it on Google Earth web.

You can also find certain areas that have 3D images of the terrain and trees. The image below is extremely zoomed in to showcase this.

Ultimately, in my opinion this won’t fully replace the power of Google Earth Pro 7 that you can download to your computer. The download version is one of the best “at home” mapping research tools for scouting. The desktop version has so many more features that I won’t list here (some of my favorites are discussed in the follwing articles; Unlocking the power of Google Earth scouting and Advanced Google Earth tactics to prepare for hunts). But this new web version is one that I’ll probably use for quickly scouting out a hunting spot while I’m sitting at my desk or at home doing research.

Before I go any further, remember that “at home” research is just that… at home. While it is a great starting part, it should never be your stand alone way to learn a new hunting area. Nothing beats boots on the ground knowledge and the sweat created from grinding up and down…

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