Muhlenberg Township residents express concern for dog park

MUHLENBERG TWP., Pa. – 20 to 30 residents, representing about 200 people, attended Monday night’s Muhlenberg Township Board of Commissioners meeting to express their concern over the drilling scheduled for June 26 at the dog park at Jim Dietrich Park by the Muhlenberg Township Authority. The commissioners said they understood how popular the dog park is with residents and assured them that they were not in danger of losing the park.

The purpose of the drilling is to determine the best source of water within the township, according to Commissioner John Imhoff.

“They’re drilling a hole in the dog park, but it’s just an exploratory well. It doesn’t mean that the dog park is going to be eliminated,”  Imhoff said. “Exploration has to be done because we have wells in this township that have been going continuously for 30 years plus, and they are concerned that – and they’re being proactive about this – if one of these wells start going down, we’re going to have a situation where we won’t have enough water in this township.”

Commissioner Steve Wolfinger said there are about 22,000 people in the township who need water and fewer who need a dog park. He also said that the location of viable sources of water is limited…

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