Moms Demand Action Founder: ‘Caring Americans’ Support Gun Control


During an April 16 appearance on MSNBC, Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts suggested “caring Americans” support gun control, while others support or at least tolerate “the gun lobby.”

She was speaking on the 10th anniversary of the April 16, 2007, attack on Virginia Tech University, an attack in which one individual used guns acquired through background checks to kill 32 people in a gun-free zone.

Watts said:

Make no mistake, there is a life or death battle for gun safety going on in this country. It is caring Americans versus the gun lobby and the gun lobby has a 30-year head start.

You know, that horrific day at Virginia Tech, there were so many heroes. And we’re not asking everyone to be a hero in this country, we’re just asking them not to be silent. There are 90 percent of us who actually support things like stronger gun laws, and we have something we didn’t have 30 years ago–we have an army of caring Americans fighting for stronger gun laws in state houses and board rooms. And we need everyone watching right now to join that fight, because it is a battle in state houses across the country.

A few points need to be made. First, Watts began using the phrase “gun safety” instead of gun control in 2014 after gun control candidates got shellacked during the midterm elections. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and other gun control advocates have followed her lead, but the new phrase still means the same thing as the old phrase, gun control is gun control.

Secondly, Watts refers to “the gun lobby” and, in later comments to MSBNC, she talked about how much money the NRA used in supporting Donald Trump for president. What she does not mention is that her group is funded by billionaire gun controller Michael Bloomberg. The same is true for Everytown for Gun Safety. Both groups are funded by Bloomberg’s deep wallet and insatiable hunger for more gun control.

These groups are part of the gun control lobby…

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