MIIT will formulate multi-area policies to launch alternative energy vehicles’ top-level design_Gasgoo

Shanghai, June 19, Gasgoo – Miao Wei, Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that MIIT would further launch the top-level design of alternative energy vehicles and promote alternative energy vehicles’ developments in technologies, industrial size, marketization and innovation. In the meantime, it will further perfect the mandatory standards on auto energy-saving and environmental-protection areas, and explore market application of alternative energy vehicles.

It’s introduced that MIIT will formulate technological roadmap on green vehicles, BEV, PHEV, hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, connected vehicles, power batteries, auto lightweight and auto manufacturing, conduct R&D on cutting-edge technologies and promote the transfer and commercialization of technological achievements. It will gradually lift the use proportion of alternative energy vehicles on public-service fields and enlarge the application scale of alternative energy vehicles in private areas.

In the meantime, it will promote the government to establish an auto standard system in line with international standards. Miao also points out that, the development of alternative energy vehicles should pay more efforts in the application and popularization of auto products. Domestic self-independent brands have met great growth in technologies and product qualities, winning more market recognition all over the years. In the future, more attention should be paid on products’ technologies and qualities to better meet consumers’ demands.

Xu Heyi, Board Chairman of BAIC Group said that, the cost of auto batteries have been decreasing 15% to 20% annually in recent years, from RMB 4,000 to 1,500 or 2,000 per Kwh. “Alternative energy vehicles will achieve total marketization when the cost reaches RMB 1,000. Then our domestic companies will have outstanding competitive power across the global market.”

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