Lompoc motorsports project faces another challenge

Lompoc city council talks about the…

LOMPOC, Calif. – The Lompoc Motorsports Park Project may be getting the boot unless project coordinators come up with a re-design to fit FAA regulations. 

The park’s fate will be known at tomorrow night’s Lompoc City Council meeting. 

The project’s committee says they hope to discuss the idea with city leaders in hopes of coming up with a solution on how they can move forward and start building the project.  

The proposed motorsports park in Lompoc is facing another challenge. 

“We have done all of the testing necessary,” says Carl Creel, the Chairman of the Motorsports Committee. 

“Under its current or original design we aren’t able to proceed forward,” says Patrick Wiemiller, City Manager for Lompoc. 

The spot for the proposed park is right across from the lompoc airport. The Federal Aviation Administration says they can proceed as long as it does not interfere with the skydiving that happens at the airport.

“We have designed the project 4 times to provide landing areas,” says John Linn, a supporter. 

City leaders say if the Motorsports Park Committee were to redesign their proposed idea then they would be able to continue with plans of building the project in the same location.  

“The motorsports committee said they would need that…

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