Liam Payne Discusses 10-Year Age Difference with Cheryl

Liam Payne is officially on the solo-music scene.

The former One Direction member debuted his first single “Strip That Down” Friday morning, chatting to BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show about his new musical ventures and life at home.

Payne, 23, and his girlfriend Cheryl welcomed their first child, son Bear Grey, in March. And up until now, the singer hasn’t spoken too heavily about the couple’s relationship — or their 10-year age difference — when asked.

But when Grimshaw jokes that the singer is “still, like, 12” while talking about how much career potential Payne still has ahead of him, the latter replies with a laugh about his 33-year-old love, “[Cheryl]’s going to be really offended that you called me 12.”

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When Grimshaw approached the subject of the couple meeting when Payne first appeared on The X Factor at age 14, he replied, “We don’t like to talk about that” before quickly changing gears and promising the host they could talk about it in private.

The new solo artist did touch briefly on his life as a father (“I’m proper dadding out all the time”), saying that having a baby was “a pretty mad bit about the year” and revealing that he has shared parenting tips with fellow new dad Russell Brand, whom he shared a recent flight with.

“Everybody downloads one app that is like, the put-the-baby-to-sleep app,” Payne says. “For us, it’s the hair-dryer sound. Every individual baby has their own little noise [preference] — ‘Oh, we like Ocean Tide number 11,’ or whatever it is. So it’s like an album going around of baby sleeping noises.”

“You should make an album of that,” Grimshaw says, with Payne joking in reply, “That’s what I was going for with this [song].”


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