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About ten years ago, my husband and I spent New Years with our son and his family in Wisconsin. Sam and Brie are the parents of our three granddaughters: Fionn — pronounced — Fin 4 at the time, Neav, who was 3, and Nori, was barely a year old. 
One morning, Neav told me that she had a rock collection. Like her Grandma Nancy, Neav still loves and collects rocks. She carefully picks out just the right one for her “collection.”  Not to be outdone by her little sister, Fionn made me laugh when she jumped right in to say that she had a “makeup and jewelry collection!”
Yes, this cute story is told by a doting grandmother but it’s more than that. This incident inspired me to use this experience as a teaching moment with my grandchildren, and now, with you, my readers. Collecting is important for children and adults. Even today at age 12, stones “speak” to Neav in a way that makes certain ones special enough to keep and enjoy. 
Why do we collect? People start collecting for many reasons. We might even get started by accident. My mom used to say that if you owned three or more of anything, you had a collection. For antiquelovers, as we explore in antique shops, at shows or at auctions, we often find that we’re attracted to things that remind us of our past. We might buy a collectible toy that was lost or that we never got to own as a child. We might collect similar items to those that we already own. For example, an inherited set of china can be the start to collecting additional pieces.
Some of us collect as an investment. Some additions can actually increase the value of our entire collection. A collector must follow of a few rules, though, as investment collecting is tricky. Stated simply, only the highest-quality items will increase the value of the other items in our collections. Buying items in perfect condition is a must. A fluctuating market will determine value, too. If you had…

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