Journalism Ethics: CPR And NPR Decision Makers Answer Your Questions

From left, Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner, NPR Code Switch reporter Adrian Florido, CPR vice president of news Kelley Griffin, NPR ombudsman/public editor Elizabeth Jensen, NPR supervising senior editor for standards and practices Mark Memmott, CPR board member Bob Steele of the Poynter Institute.

Whether it was about physical threats to reporters, teaching media literacy, the racial balance of newsrooms or other issues, a panel of experts from CPR and NPR recently answered questions from more than 800 people at the University of Denver’s Newman Center about journalism ethics, and how newsroom decisions get made.

  • Adrian Florido is with NPR’s Code Switch team. He covers race, identity and culture.
  • Kelley Griffin is the vice president of news at Colorado Public Radio.
  • Elizabeth Jensen is the NPR ombudsman/public editor.
  • Mark Memmott is NPR’s supervising senior editor for standards and practices.
  • Bob Steele of the Poynter Institute is a CPR board member.

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You can listen to the full audio by clicking on the link above, or by reading a full transcript below. We invited the audience to text us follow-up questions, and got our panel to answer them. Here’s a sampling, edited lightly for clarity and length.

Question from Diane Snyder of Englewood: I’m curious about the physical threats that reporters face these days, for themselves and perhaps against their families.  How does that fear affect reporters’ choices about asking the hard questions?  How does NPR assist reporters who have fears for their safety?  

Answer from panelist Adrian Florido: Reporters have faced verbal and, on occasion, physical threats for a long time. But there’s no question that since last year’s…

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