Jon Ossoff & Karen Handel’s Georgia Sixth Race

Tuesday’s special election in Georgia’s sixth congressional district will decide whether Republican Karen Handel or Democrat Jon Ossoff occupies the seat once held by former House speaker Newt Gingrich. Former House Budget Committee chairman Tom Price, M.D. recently vacated GA-6 to become health and human services secretary. This constituency has been Republican since November 1978.

If Democrats capture this reliably GOP territory, the Left will scream: “Republicans beware: Trump is political poison!”

Squishy GOP senators and congressmen will race for the tall grass, as ambitious Democratic challengers head in after them. These nervous Republicans will bite their fingernails, rather than fight for President Trump’s tax reforms, health-care policies, and other badly needed pro-market initiatives. The entire Trump agenda will face a far steeper path to enactment, and exactly when the Senate is about to begin voting to repeal and replace the shonda known as Obamacare.

As Fox News Channel political analyst Chris Stirewalt explained on FNC’s Outnumbered Monday afternoon: “When it comes to recruiting candidates, when it comes to raising money, and when it comes to the attitude that your team takes into it, if this comes out, and the Democrats win this seat — which has been a long Republican [strong]hold — there will be people who are thinking about running for office as Republicans that go, ‘Nah, Bro.’ There are going to be donors that say, ‘Actually, this is looking like a bad year.’”

“Despite his many claims to the contrary, Jon Ossoff is not serious,” former U.S. ambassador John Bolton warned as he endorsed Handel this morning. “He has wrongfully inflated his resume, touting five years of national-security experience and top-secret national-security clearance — before backtracking and saying his clearance only lasted five months — deceiving many Georgians in the process.”

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