Jay Cutler is here to put your fantasy football doubts to rest

Ask any fantasy expert and they’ll tell you that it always is better to draft your team as late in the preseason as you can. There are far too many position battles to be won or lost, coaches still are deciding which players will see a bigger role and, of course, the vast number of injuries you should expect to see.

In the blink of an eye, an entire team’s season can be turned upside down and the ripple effect it has in the fantasy realm is massive. Just ask anyone who drafted someone from the Dolphins.

When QB Ryan Tannehill suffered a season-ending knee injury at practice last week, everything changed for the 2017 Dolphins. They were left with the decision of either going with backup Matt Moore or looking outside the organization for help. Going outside is tough, because it means someone of quality not only has to be available, but also able to learn the system and playbook in a very short period of time.

Moore already has the knowledge of the system, the playbook and the personnel, but the skill-set is that of a backup quarterback, and Miami has aspirations of a playoff run.

Fortunately, for both Dolphins fans and fantasy owners, coach Adam Gase had an ace up his sleeve. Though he was set for a season in the broadcast booth, Jay Cutler solves the problem for everyone. His familiarity with Gase’s system is a huge plus. In fact, Cutler’s best season was spent working inside Gase’s version of the Air Coryell offense. And though he might not be as efficient a passer as Tannehill, Cutler is a proven gunslinger with a bigger arm. Those who drafted Tannehill should have an easy pivot.

The trickle-down effect to the other skill positions is also a positive, in fantasy and reality. Having a quarterback with a more powerful arm and the willingness to throw the bomb-a-rooskie means defenses won’t be able to cheat and pinch in as much to stifle the run and defend against the short-passing game. Stacking the box is no longer an option. With the way…

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