The Justice Department will take on affirmative action, according to a report in the New York Times.

Donald Trump never lets a class or racial resentment go without being poked.

If white Americans are out of a job, then the reason are those Mexican illegal immigrants who are taking those jobs.

If factories are closing, then it’s because the jobs are going to Mexico.

If American goods are being left behind on the store shelves, it’s because foreigners are cheating at trade.

If white college applicants aren’t getting into the college of their choice, then it’s because of affirmative action. This one allows grievance to be clothed in the robes of victimhood.

The New York Times reported that the Trump administration is directing the U.S. Justice Department to investigate colleges and universities that use affirmative action to discriminate against white applicants.

The accusation feeds the myth that unqualified blacks and Hispanics are getting places in universities and colleges that should go to white applicants. And that’s what it is, a myth.

The accusation carries with it a sense of entitlement. That is, that most, maybe all, places in the freshman classes of selective private and state universities would go to the highly merited mostly white applicants if not for the social engineers in the admissions offices.

This sense that merit in college admissions is being shoved aside isn’t limited to the Princetons and Harvards of the world. This same distorted view is what animates Del Mar College Regent Guy Watts.

Watts wants the new south campus to be limited to high school students from certain high schools on…