InventHelp Invention allows for More Convenient Use of Dog Toys and Bones (NJD-1356)


A new innovative product is being welcomed into the expansive world of pet owners. This product is an introduction to a reliable and more convenient way to keep a dog entertained. This invention will make for easier playtime for a restless pet while giving the owner a stress-free environment.

DOGGY CLAMP AND PLAY is a product that essentially holds a toy for the pet so the owner does not have to. It is suitable for pet owners who do not constant interaction with their pet as well. This can attach to any door frame, kitchen counter or solid piece of furniture in your house or apartment in a durable, easy-to-use manner. The toy then attaches to the product, which will provide an outlet for a dog to chew, tug and get their energy out.

DOGGY CLAMP AND PLAY was designed for a pet to play without any accidental biting, slobbering or the misplacement of a toy. Dog owners all know how easy it is for a toy to get lost. The main reason for the product is the inventor’s own pet nuisances. The inventor’s dog would push for him to hold a bone/toy persistently while barking non-stop. Or the dog would lose her toy and bark just as loudly for him to find it. Now, with the DOGGY CLAMP AND PLAY, the dog’s attention is solely on the invention made exactly for the above reasons: no more slobbering, barking and accidental biting.

“My dog always loses her bone between the couch cushions or under the couch, or wants me to hold one end of the bone/toy while she chews,” said the inventor from Garfield, N.J. “This structure of playtime is inconvenient and also results in getting slobber all over me.”

The original design was submitted to the New Jersey office of InventHelp. It is currently available for licensing or sale to…

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