Innovative Cleaning Services Marks 17 Years of Putting People First

We have come to see our company’s structure as a reverse of the traditional organizational chart.

Innovative Cleaning Services, Orange County’s leading green janitorial service, is celebrating 17 years of successful business. While ICS opened in 2000 and quickly became known for its environmentally friendly practices, ICS also attributes its near-two decades of steady growth to its values system of putting its employees first. One of the clearest examples of this commitment is its day cleaning services.

The more prevalent practice of cleaning a building after regular work hours so as not to bother employees has the unfortunate consequence of interfering with workers’ ability to spend time with their families. ICS has pioneered the update of this paradigm, which benefits not only the janitorial staff, but also the businesses, with lower bills through reduced energy use. Jennifer Corbett-Shramo, CEO, explains that the transition can be surprising. “It may seem that daytime janitors could interrupt the normal flow of work but our janitors undergo specific training. For nearly everyone that makes the switch, it’s surprising how fast day cleaning becomes the norm.”

In addition to day cleaning, the organizational structure of ICS also speaks of the company’s commitment to its employees. “We have come to see our company’s structure as a reverse of the traditional organizational chart,” explains Corbett-Shramo. “At ICS, custodians and janitors are at the top. Our employees are the face of our company. With that in mind, we treat them for who they are: the most important part of ICS. We do this by creating a culture of respect, and take care of our employees with the respect they deserve.”

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