I’ll make an exception to my name-calling policy for Trump

A few words on trash talking the president.

Said words are occasioned by emails from a large number of readers who have noted an increased propensity toward that practice in this space. Many found that rather ironic in light of an admonition that appears in the auto response received by any person who sends me an email. It warns that the reader who engages in name calling will not receive a personal reply.

How, these readers demand to know, can I square that delicate concern for decorum with the fact that yours truly has repeatedly name-called the present tenant of the white mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? I plead guilty as charged, having dubbed him the “so-called president,” the “boy president” and “President Dumpster Fire,” among other choice epithets.

“Amazing,” wrote one person. “So it’s okay for you to name call the President of the USA and then exclaim that you don’t respond to name-calling?”

The short answer is Yes. The longer answer goes like this:

As a general rule, I’ve always tried to avoid name excessive calling in this space,…

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