How will Virtual Reality revolutionize Education?

There are good signs that 2016 would really be the year that virtual reality will be adopted widely, or at the very least the year that people star to see the development of a continuously expanding base of consumers and use cases. In the education industry, virtual reality would revolutionize how students learn, and the reason is simple. VR is not just a technology, it is a medium. Moreover, it will not only educate students about the past but also prepare them for the future, in particular jobs.

In the old days, textbooks were the only teaching tools that are used in transporting students to foreign lands or the solar system. Computers and tablets opened more opportunities, and even some video games. Now, virtual reality is letting kids experience historical places and planets like never before. For educators, virtual reality offers not only a chance to free students from the confines of school desks, exams and rote memorization, but helps improve their learning, via active participation and experience.

Education has not changed for years when it comes to teaching methods and approaches. These days, millennials feel pretty much comfortable with online learning, doing research on the web and resorting to instructional videos and distance learning that is provided by video technology. Virtual reality is obviously the next trend that will revolutionize the industry. Some VR projects used in schools and higher educational institutions are already under way. Education and technology are interconnected and this synergy could transform the world that people live in. The contradictory phenomenon is that even though an early adopter of technology, education is also one of the last sectors that is fully transformed by it, because of institutional inertia and several other reasons.

Virtual headsets and platforms are the new tools to inspire creative learning. Furthermore, the technology creates a world of imagination, which could break the boundaries in traditional…

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