HIGH ISLAND – 12News has learned High Island ISD Superintendent Dr. D’Ann Vonderau has been placed on administrative leave with pay following an emergency meeting to discuss a gun found by students in a school van.


Read the superintendent’s full statement here:


Statement of Dr. D’Ann Vonderau


High Island Independent School District

May 19, 2017

Thank you for allowing me to address the school board and the High Island community. I ap-preciate the opportunity to clarify a few issues.

As the board knows, I am authorized to carry a concealed handgun in the scope of my duties as superintendent. Several years ago, a school shooting tragedy elsewhere in the nation prompted our school district to reassess our district safety and active-shooter contingency plans. Consider-ing our district’s relatively remote location and that I sometimes travel alone for work, the board authorized me to carry a concealed handgun. I hold a State of Texas license to do so and have taken gun safety and active shooter training. The handgun has never been drawn or discharged during my duties as superintendent.

On May 1, 2017, I traveled to West Hardin ISD in Saratoga, Texas on school district business in a district vehicle with other district employees. Once we arrived, I observed that the school district does not allow concealed handguns on its campuses. I then left the handgun in the locked district vehicle to attend the meeting. Upon returning from the event to school district offices, I neglected to retrieve the handgun and it was left in the district vehicle….