HHS Secretary Tom Price details how GOP health plan is set apart from ObamaCare

With four Republican senators opposed to the current ObamaCare replacement bill, the GOP-led Congress has an unclear road to repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

But the existing version of the legislation, Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price said on Monday night, provides a series of attractive options for Americans.

“It’s to stick to those principles of health care,” Price said in a Fox News exclusive on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “Making health care affordable, accessible, of the highest quality and provide choices for patients. So: protects patients, provides more choices for patients, lowers cost and strengthens Medicaid. That’s it in a nutshell.”

“Coverage comes when people have something that they want to purchase,” Price said. “Coverage doesn’t come when Washington tells you what to buy. The way that you get people to get health coverage is that you provide them with a product that they actually want.”

Breaking down the changes for Americans currently on Medicaid, Price detailed a long-term plan.


“For those individuals on Medicaid who were eligible for Medicaid previously, there’s essentially no change whatsoever,” the secretary said. “Over a period of time, those individuals that are on Medicaid but…

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