Guess who’s stumping for states’ rights?

I proposed here in summer of 2015 that fledgling presidential candidate Donald Trump was a tricksterwho churns the ages.”

And that America was advancing to a new era of light and shadow driven by anthropology more than history: “History will follow, but at the moment, we face a 70-year transition. It is or will be, when all is said and done, a classic study for those students of generational history: We are almost at the turning. Something just ahead, almost at hand, just on the horizon.”

This was the same period when former Texas Gov. Rick Perry called Trump’s campaign “a cancer to conservatism” that “must be discarded.”

Perry is now, of course, secretary of energy and Trump is now president.

There is a tendency in these 60 to 70 year political turnings to see conflagration, even armageddon, but in the end what occurs is a falling away of the way things were and a yielding to the awakening of new things.


The new awakening will be compensation; when a door is closed a window opens. And already we can see new forms and political norms beginning to take shape in America.

Going Around Trump, governors Embark on Their Own Diplomatic Missions,” declares the headline in The New York Times on Sunday.

Under the Trump administration, Alexander Burns reports, “Leadership at the state level has taken on an increasingly global dimension, as governors assert themselves in areas where they view Mr. Trump as abandoning the typical priorities of the federal government. They have forged partnerships across state and party lines to offset administration policies they see as harmful to the constituencies.”

To get a rough guess of what lies ahead it might work to go back and read the works of Frederick Jackson Turner. Turner was best known for his essay The Significance of the Frontier in American History published in 1893.

He saw the United States changing in time as immigrants made their way from the east across North America’s mountains and deserts,…

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